Dr Ryan Goss is a Senior Lecturer at the ANU College of law working on constitutional law and human rights law.

After undergrad at the University of Queensland, Ryan was Associate to Justice PA Keane (then of the Qld Court of Appeal) and a solicitor at a commercial firm. Following postgrad study at Oxford with the support of a Rhodes Scholarship (BCL and DPhil), Ryan worked as Junior Research Fellow in Law at Lincoln College, University of Oxford, where he taught Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Criminal Justice & Human Rights. At the ANU College of Law since mid-2013, Ryan teaches Australian Public LawInternational Human Rights Law, and Civil and Political Rights, and he is Deputy Director of Higher Degree Research Programs.

Publications include his book, Criminal Fair Trial Rights, (Hart, 2014), which updated and revised his doctoral research on the European Court of Human Rights’ Article 6 case law.

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