Margaret Faux is a solicitor and PhD candidate. The focus of her doctorate is Medicare claiming and compliance. Margaret has previously worked as a solicitor in private practice and as a registered nurse. She is also the CEO of a medical administration company. Margaret has published extensively on the topic of Medicare and health reform, both in academic journals and popular media. Academic publications forming part of her thesis include: No payments, copayments and faux payments: are medical practitioners adequately equipped to manage Medicare claiming and compliance?, Who teaches medical billing? A national cross-sectional survey of Australian medical education stakeholders, and her most recent publication in the Journal of Law and Medicine was titled: Medicare billing law and practice: complex, incomprehensible, and beginning to unravel. Margaret expects to submit her doctorate in 2020.

Posts by Margaret:

Frenetic law making during the COVID-19 pandemic: the impact on doctors, patients and the Medicare system