Glenn Patmore studied law at Monash University and Queens University, Canada. Before joining the Melbourne Law School he taught Law at Monash University.   He teaches Constitutional Law and Principles of Public Law in the Juris Doctor; and an optional subject, Democracy, Law and Civil Liberties. Glenn researches mainly in the fields of constitutional law, the law of democracy, Australian republicanism and labour law.  He is a member of the Melbourne Law School’s Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies and was a member of the organising committee for Australian National University’s Annual Public Law Weekend 20-22 September 2012, Law’s Challenge to Democracy, Democracy’s Challenge to Law. From that conference a book was published: Patmore G and Rubenstein K, Law and Democracy: Contemporary Questions (ANU Press,2014). He has published 2 monographs, 6 books of collected essays, and numerous articles and book chapters.

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