Geoffrey Lindell is currently an Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Adelaide. He has taught and published widely in the field of Australian constitutional law having served as a full time academic at the University of Melbourne (1993 – 2001) where he became a Professor and at the Australian National University (1975 – 1993) after rising to a senior position in the Federal Attorney-General’s Department in Canberra (1966 – 1975). He has also assisted in major reviews of the Australian Constitution by serving as a member of the Distribution of Powers Advisory Committee to the Constitutional Commission (1986 – 1987), and acted as a consultant to the Australian Constitutional Convention (1975 – 1985). In addition he was appointed as a consultant on a standing retainer by the Department of the House of Representatives (2003 – 2014). He has also provided other constitutional and parliamentary legal advice to governments and parliaments.

(22 February 2021)

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