Listed below are the posts in AUSPUBLAW’s special series exploring the public law implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. These posts are written for the blog by a range of public law scholars and practitioners from across Australia.

For more information on the Gilbert + Tobin Centre’s work in the area of public law and public health, see here

Peta Stephenson and Jonathan Crowe, Queensland Public Health Laws and COVID-19: A Challenge to the Rule of Law? (21 August 2020)

Henry Cooney and Harry Sanderson, Border Closures and s 92: Clive Palmer’s Quest to Enter WA (04 August 2020)

Maria O’Sullivan, Protest in a Pandemic: The Special Status of Public Spaces (27 July 2020)

Jack McNally, Accountability, discretion and the rule of law: Issues in pandemic policing (15 July 2020)

Shipra Chordia, Border closures, COVID-19 and s 92 of the Constitution – what role for proportionality (if any)? (05 June 2020)

Gabrielle Appleby and Brendan Gogarty, Tasmania’s Subordinate Legislation Committee fails to provide democratic accountability during the COVID-19 emergency (22 May 2020)

Shreeya Smith, The Scope of a Nationhood Power to Respond to COVID-19: Unanswered Questions (13 May 2020)

Stephanie Brenker, An Executive Grab for Power During COVID-19? (13 May 2020)

Kate Galloway and Melissa Castan, COVIDSafe and Identity: Governance Beyond Privacy (11 May 2020)

Caroline Compton, Trust, COVIDSafe, and the Role of Government (11 May 2020)

Kylie Evans and Nicholas Petrie, COVID-19 and the Australian Human Rights Acts (6 May 2020)

Joe McIntyre, Anna Olijnyk and Kieran Pender, Courts and COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities in Australia (4 May 2020)

Sarah Moulds, Keeping watch on COVID-19 laws: are parliamentary committees up to the job? (1 May 2020)

Margaret Faux, COVID-19 pandemic: the impact on doctors, patients and the Medicare system (24 April 2020)

Graeme Orr, The Demos in a Pandemic – Staging Elections during a Health Emergency (6 April 2020)

Andrew Edgar, Law-making in a crisis: Commonwealth and NSW coronavirus regulations (30 March 2020)