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The Parliament, the Court of Disputed Returns, and the Solicitor-General


In those final days of August, when we watched, once again, an Australian political party overthrow the leader who led it to its last electoral victory, serious questions were raised about the eligibility of the protagonist, Mr … Read the rest

Dressing Dutton Up as Lamb – Section 44 and the Competing Arguments for Disqualification and Exoneration of Peter Dutton

Anne Photos 003By ANNE TWOMEY

While the failure of Peter Dutton’s leadership challenge took some heat out of the question of his potential disqualification from Parliament, it left unresolved whether his seat has been vacated due to a breach of s 44 … Read the rest

Close of Day


Bob Day’s financial problems came to a head through the collapse of the South Australian division of his company Homestead Homes. His constitutional problems arose through his insistence on having his Senate electoral office in his own … Read the rest


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