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Dressing Dutton Up as Lamb – Section 44 and the Competing Arguments for Disqualification and Exoneration of Peter Dutton

Anne Photos 003By ANNE TWOMEY

While the failure of Peter Dutton’s leadership challenge took some heat out of the question of his potential disqualification from Parliament, it left unresolved whether his seat has been vacated due to a breach of s 44 … Read the rest

Re Gallagher: Inconsistency, Imperatives and Irremediable Impediments

Anne Photos 003BY ANNE TWOMEY

The High Court’s judgment in Re Gallagher caused four Members of Parliament to resign and provoked further debate about the amendment of s 44 of the Constitution.  This culminated in a report by the Joint Standing Committee … Read the rest

A new federal integrity system in the making? The case for a Commonwealth anti-corruption agency


Will Australia continue to evolve towards a general-purpose, stand-alone anti-corruption agency at the federal level?  Does it need to?

Important light on both questions is about to be shed by two events: publication of the report … Read the rest

Locating the Place of the Royal Prerogative After Miller


It is often claimed that the constitutional history of the United Kingdom is the history of the tension between the Crown and Parliament. This historical narrative emphasises the ascendency of the latter institution over the former. It … Read the rest

Australian democracy could be improved by breathing new life into an ancient tradition

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 9.57.10 pm


Over the past two decades, the idea of petitioning the Australian Parliament has been quietly heading towards extinction. A petition is a document signed by members of the public that requests Parliament to undertake … Read the rest


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