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The 2017 Australian Marriage Law Postal Plebisurvey: Issues and Controversies


On 9 August 2017, a government move to restore to the Senate Notice Paper the Plebiscite (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill 2016 was voted down.  Had the Bill been passed, it would have provided for the conduct by the … Read the rest

Marriage Equality/Inequality, Religion and the Constitution

Luke Beck


The debate on marriage equality looks like stepping up a gear with the re-elected Turnbull Government reaffirming its intention to hold a plebiscite on the issue. As the as-yet-unconfirmed date for the plebiscite approaches, we can expect … Read the rest

Setting the ground rules for the same-sex marriage plebiscite

picture-1279-1402017123BY PAUL KILDEA

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has pledged to hold a plebiscite on same-sex marriage early in the next parliamentary term. If his government is re-elected at the upcoming federal election, expected on 2 July, we may see a … Read the rest


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