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Northern Rights, Southern Law: Queensland’s proposed new human rights statute


Introducing a bill to fulfil a two-year-old election pledge on a Wednesday morning, the Queensland Premier labelled it ‘the best and surest means of maintaining for us and our posterity the human rights declared by the … Read the rest

Religious Freedom: One Right Among Many


Back in 2008, the then Government commissioned Jesuit priest and human rights lawyer Father Frank Brennan to chair a National Human Rights Consultation.

At the time, there was no consensus among the groups consulted about the … Read the rest

An Australian Perspective on the UK Human Rights Act Debate

person portraitBY GEORGE WILLIAMS

The long-running debate over the future of the UK Human Rights Act has reverberated around the common law world, indeed all the way to Australia.

This is because the Act is more than just an instrument of … Read the rest


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