This page was last updated 12 February 2020, and includes decisions from December 2019.


High Court – public law decisions

Pending & reserved cases – constitutional law

  • Smethurst v Commissioner of Police S196/2019
  • KMC v Director of Public Prosecutions (SA) A20/2019

Pending & reserved cases – administrative law

  • Hocking v Director-General of the National Archives of Australia S262/2019
  • CXXXVIII v Commonwealth of Australia A30/2019
  • Northern Land Council & Anor v Quall & Anor D21/2019

Pending & reserved cases – Native title

  • State of WA v Manado on behalf of the Bindunbur Native Title Claim Group; State of Western Australia v Augustine on behalf of the Jabirr Jabirr / Ngumbarl Native Title Claim Group P34/2019; Commonwealth of Australia v Manado on behalf of the Bindunbur Native Title Claim Group P34/2019; P35/2019; P37/2019

Decided cases – constitutional law

BMW Australia Ltd v Brewster; Westpac Banking Corporation v Lenthall [2019] HCA 45

Decided cases – administrative law

BVD17 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2019] HCA 34

CNY17 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2019] HCA 50

Love v Commonwealth of Australia [2020] HCA 3

INTERNATIONAL JURISDICTIONS – Significant constitutional law decisions

Canadian Supreme Court

  • Canada (Attorney General) v British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (2019) SCC 63

South African Constitutional Court

  • Minister of Justice and Correctional Services v Ramuhovhi and Others [2019] ZACC 44
  • Association of Mine Workers and Construction Union and Others v Royal Bakofeng Platinum Mine Limited and Others [2020] ZACC 1

New Zealand Supreme Court

United Kingdom Supreme Court

  • A Reference by the Attorney General for Northern Ireland of devolution issues to the Supreme Court pursuant to Paragraph 34 of Schedule 10 to the Northern Ireland Act 1998 (Northern Ireland) [2020] UKSC 2

United States Supreme Court

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region High Court

  • In the matter of the Emergency Regulations Ordinace, Cap 241 and the Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation, Cap 241K [2019] HKCFI 2820