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Book forum: Craig Lenehan SC

Craig Lenehan SC provides the first post in our book forum on Shipra Chordia’s Proportionality in Australian Constitutional Law. To see all posts, please click here. Click through for a post by Murray Wesson.

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Book forum: Murray Wesson

Murray Wesson provides the second post in our book forum on Shipra Chordia’s Proportionality in Australian Constitutional Law. To see all posts, please click here. Click through for a post by Craig Lenehan SC.

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Proportionality, rights and Australia’s COVID-19 response: Insights from the India travel ban


The closure of international borders has been a key pillar of Australia’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. Australia’s strategy to “aggressively suppress” (in practice, eliminate) COVID-19 within its borders has relied heavily on … Read the rest

Superimposing private duties on the exercise of public powers: Sharma v Minister for the Environment


In May of this year, Bromberg J in the Federal Court handed down a key decision in climate change litigation which has made waves both within Australia and internationally. Sharma v Minister for the Environment [2021] FCA Read the rest

The “Car Park Rorts” Affair and Grants Regulation in Australia: How can We Fix the System?


Yet another rorts scandal is swirling around the federal government, dubbed the ‘car park rorts’ affair. The Auditor-General has reported that a $389 million car park construction fund has been administered ineffectively and that the Minister had … Read the rest

Public Law Events Roundup August 2021

Welcome to the August edition of the AUSPUBLAW Australian Public Law Events Roundup. Before we get to the roundup, we would like to draw your attention to the following opportunity for law students:

Sir Anthony Mason Constitutional Law Essay Competition

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Overcoming Graham: The s 75(v) constitutional guarantee and non-disclosure in migration and citizenship decisions


The Migration and Citizenship Legislation Amendment (Strengthening Information Provisions) Bill 2020 (Cth) (the Bill) was introduced to the Commonwealth House of Representatives on 10 December 2020. It has since been considered by the Senate Standing … Read the rest

Preventive measures and the far-right threat; the limit of Commonwealth power


The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (the Committee) is currently examining extremist movements and radicalism in Australia. This follows a public statement by the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) that … Read the rest

Not “just another piece of material”: the value of Tribunal review

This is the fifth in a special series of posts on the 50th anniversary of the Kerr Report, examining whether Australian administrative law is still fit for purpose. To see other posts in this series, click here.

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The Global South and liberal constitutionalism: incommensurable opposites?

This post is the fourth in a 2021 special series, which is a companion to the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law’s Global Public Law Virtual Book Series. The aim of the virtual book series is to invite Read the rest

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