Dani Larkin is a Bundjalung woman from the Baryulgil/Grafton communities of northern New South Wales. She is also a PhD Candidate and Semester Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Law at Bond University. Her PhD research examines the law and policy of Indigenous cultural identity and political participation which comparatively examines Indigenous experiences of the Canadian and New Zealand electoral systems. Dani is a frequent author on Indigenous rights and constitutional recognition and has been published in Eureka Street, the Alternative Law Journal and Bond Law Review. Dani was also selected as a visiting fellow as part of the 2017 Laureate Fellowship at Melbourne Law School in Comparative Constitutional Law and is frequently recognised for her advocacy on Indigenous rights to cultural identity and self-determination ranging from a community based to national level in Australia.

Posts by Dani:

Book forum on Dylan Lino’s Constitutional Recognition: First Peoples and the Australian Settler State