Month: May 2021

The Kerr Report’s vision for the Administrative Review Council and the (sad) modern reality

This is the third in a special series of posts on the 50th anniversary of the Kerr Report, examining whether Australian administrative law is still fit for purpose. To see other posts in this series, click here.

BY NARELLE Read the rest

Legislative morass and the rule of law: a warning, and some possible solutions



Today, legislation is the predominant source of law. Its voluminous production is a central feature of our governance, and shows no signs of slowing. “[E]very day”, Waldron writes, “another demand emerges for … Read the rest

A critical review of City, State and potential implications for Australian cities

This post is the first in a 2021 special series, which is a companion to the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law’s Global Public Law Virtual Book Series. The aim of the virtual book series is to invite Read the rest

Public Law Events Roundup May 2021

Welcome to the May edition of the AUSPUBLAW Australian Public Law Events Roundup.

Remember, if you have an AUSPUBLAW opportunity, conference or significant public lecture that you would like included in this roundup, please contact us at The … Read the rest


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