Month: May 2016

Judgment, Day

picture-426BY RYAN GOSS

In its recent decision in Day v Australian Electoral Officer [2016] HCA 20, the High Court unanimously upheld the validity of certain amendments to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Cth)(the Act) made by the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment Read the rest

Reasons Not To Be Scared of a New Constitutional Preamble



The suggestion that the Commonwealth Constitution should be given a new ‘preamble’ by referendum has surfaced a couple of times in the last two decades – in connection with the republic and now as part of the … Read the rest

State constitutional reform – the Tasmanian experience


This post discusses a year-long project to review and potentially reform Tasmania’s Constitution. The process has been both challenging and enlightening given the poor state of the current Constitution Act 1934 (Tas). If nothing else the project … Read the rest

Public Law Events Roundup May 2016

After a big month of public law conferences and lectures across Australia in April, welcome to the May 2016 edition of the AUSPUBLAW Australian Public Law Events Roundup. Remember, if you have a conference or significant public lecture that you … Read the rest


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