Month: October 2015

A Cautionary Note on Political Equality as a Constitutional Principle


In its 1974 decision, Buckley v Valeo, 424 US 1 (1975), the United States Supreme Court infamously ruled that:

the concept that government may restrict the speech of some elements of our society in order

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An Australian Perspective on the UK Human Rights Act Debate

person portraitBY GEORGE WILLIAMS

The long-running debate over the future of the UK Human Rights Act has reverberated around the common law world, indeed all the way to Australia.

This is because the Act is more than just an instrument of … Read the rest

Reviewing Victoria’s Human Rights Charter



Last month saw the tabling in Victoria’s parliament of the second of two statutory reviews of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 , Victoria’s human rights statute. Titled ‘From Commitment to Culture’, the 2015 Read the rest

McCloy v New South Wales: Out with US corruption and in with German proportionality

Anne Photos 003BY ANNE TWOMEY

In McCloy v New South Wales [2015] HCA 34, the High Court upheld the validity of provisions in the New South Wales Election Funding, Expenditures and Disclosures Act 1981 that impose a cap on political donations, … Read the rest

Public Law Events Round-up October 2015

Welcome to the October 2015 edition of the AUSPUBLAW Australian Public Law Events Roundup. The Events Roundup is divided into two sections. The first provides information on public law events happening in the next two months. The second provides … Read the rest


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